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Bleachers, box seats, barstool, couch, it doesn’t matter. Watching sports with friends is great. What’s better? Playing a game with friends while you watch the game. Watching the game is more fun when you and your friends play too.

Baseball Outs is our first game. Dreamed up in the bleachers, Baseball Outs is a mini-fantasy baseball game you play with friends when you watch a ball game. You and your friends draft the players in the field each half-inning to form teams. You get credit when one of your players records an out. If your players record two outs, you win the half-inning! Win and you get one point from each of your friends. Plus and minus points make it easy to see who is winning and losing points. Baseball Outs makes every game feel like the playoffs because you have some skin in the game.

We’re building apps for games we play when we watch sports. More games are in the works.


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